Blue Fizz. Is it in or out?

                                   credit : Eden

Blue sparkling wine seems to be fashionable and trend in UK market this year, this May Prosecco based blue fizz was launched and followed by Skyfall Grand Reserve in August. Recently Chardonnay from Provence based blue sparkling wine was introduced. Since last year, consumption of Prosecco has increased in UK, it is like sparkling fever there.

How is blue sparkling wine made? I am really wondering what kind of wine making method is applied. The first one, Bluemond is prosecco based wine, therefore tank method is used and it is blended with blue curacau and peach (probably peach flavour). Needless to say, it is quite controversial among wine professionals whether it consider as “wine” or not.  

On the other hand, Skyfall Grand Reserve seems to be allocated in “Sparkling wine” category. It is made from Macbeu, Parellada, Xare-lo and Chardonnay by traditional method as same as Cava and for blue colour, the blend of natural flowers and fruit extracts is added after fermentation. The way to make this wine,  the technique as making Cava, ridding by hand or aged for 3 years before release, is applied. Only the difference between Cava and this sparkling wine is to add colour or not, other than that all are same in terms of production method.

For price wise, Bluemond is £20, Skyfall is £40 and Eden is £45. Although the price of Skyfall and eden is nealy same price of basic NV Champagne, honestly it is slightly higher than basic Prosecco or Champagne. As the position of market it will not be as same as usual sparkling wine sector. Like blue bird, something blue for wedding, blue colour is imaged as happiness, good fortune, therefore for certain countries  blue sparkling has good potential to be chosen at wedding situation.  Plus blue coloured natural eatable item are very rare, so that as point of view at marketing blue sparkling wine can be definitely eye catching item. This is quite strong brand appeal especially for younger generation who seek for something new or cool. I am really curious how younger drinkers respond those blue wine in UK.


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