Today’s pairing #15

Compared to Sake and Whisky, Japanese wines are totally less known by majority of people in the world. Theoretically it is very hard to grow great grapes especially vitis venifera in Japan because of a lots of rain such as typhoon and acidic soil, but young and motivated producers study and experiment for focus more quality in both viticulture and vinification, which make their products dramatically develop in term of quality recently. In Hong Kong,  reputation of Japanese wines are not settled yet, so it is very adventurous situation! Koshu is one of the symbol of Japanese wine, but apart from it there are excellent Japanese wines made of different type of grapes. Why don’t you try? Especially to pair with food, in fact you can enjoy them deliciously.

Japanese Tapas Bar Tsuru 鶴
 G/F, Parekh house,
63 Wyndham Street, Central,
Hong Kong